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Post Secondary Education Counseling Sessions

Post Secondary Education Counseling Sessions

Here are a few things you should know if you find yourself pondering your post-secondary direction, and you’re thinking about seeking some assistance:

  • Post-secondary exploration is a process. Identifying a new pathway and making that transition will take time. It’s wise to plan on more than one appointment.


  • Selecting a job is not what post-secondary counseling is. Exploring career, schooling, and trade options and selecting a job are not the same thing. While we may offer advice about your job search, the counseling process surveys the big picture and broad array of opportunities. This may, in turn, lead you to career and job opportunities.


  • Be ready to work. It’s your career, education, and your future, so expect to do lots of research, introspection, reading, and networking.


  • There’s no silver bullet. Counselors don’t have all the answers — no crystal ball or secret recipes. We do have years of experience and can provide useful resources to help you analyze options, assess interests, inventory skills, and make informed decisions.


  • It’s not just about work. Post-secondary counseling is also about life/passion/work balance — helping you find fulfillment through your passions, paid work, potential careers, avocational pursuits, or all of the above.

Once you’ve decided that career counseling is right for you, prepare for your first appointment:

  1. Prioritize. Write down goals to address with your counselor, right away and over the course of the next weeks and months. Note any specific short- and long-term career objectives.
  2. Do your homework. If you have ideas about career paths, do some research. Reflect on your current and past jobs, identifying what you love, what you hate, and the type of environment you prefer.
  3. Be honest. Know that the counseling environment is a safe and confidential space. A career counseling professional should respect your privacy and only ask for certain information when it’s essential to the process. As professionals, we do not share personal information without your consent.
  4. You’ll reap what you sow. The outcome of post-secondary counseling will be proportional to the amount of effort you invest. Your counselor will help you make a plan, but you need to act on that plan.


If you are serious about beginning or changing your future, we are here to help you start to build the educational path, career, and life that you have always dreamed of.

We are here to work with you and hold you accountable as you develop and reach your goals and elevate your life.

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Career Counseling Sessions
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